Friday, September 8, 2017

Welcome to Day of the Animals!

Welcome to Day of the Animals, an ever-evolving and lovingly-compiled site for horror fans who like their movies bloody, but their furry friends safe and sound. The Horror Honeys have been working to create a database of horror, sci-fi, and thriller films where animals are harmed, and then gone to great lengths to help you avoid the scenes in question (or at least have a pillow in hand to hide behind when it happens).

Obviously, there are decades of movies to get through, and we will be working on covering as many of them as possible. But in the meantime, keep checking back as movies are added. And if you really want to see a film but are worried about what kind of animal harm might be included, tweet us at @linnieloowho or @horrorhoneys, and we'll get one of our expert viewers on it.

Day of the Animals will also update weekly with reviews of animal revenge horror, classic posters, and more. So keep an eye out on things to come!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Woman’s Sexuality is a Dangerous Thing to Deny...

Criterion’s Gorgeous Re-Master of Jacques Torneur and Val Lewton’s ‘Cat People’

By LinnieSarah Helpern

(This piece first appeared in Issue 5 of Belladonna Magazine)

All photos courtesy of Criterion

But black sin hath betrayed to endless night. Holy world, both parts and both parts must die. - Holy Sonnets, John Donne

Among those who fancy themselves passionate about the archiving and restoration of classic cinema, it is impossible to deny that Criterion is at the top of the game. Each film is lovingly rescued, sometimes from obscurity, and remastered so that it looks as beautiful as the day it was shot. Generations of movies have been saved by Criterion, many of them horror: The Blob, Peeping Tom, The Brood, and Eyes Without a Face are just a few of the horror classics given the Criterion treatment. Now, we can add Jacques Torneur and Val Lewton’s 1942 supernatural masterpiece, Cat People to that list.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A DOTA Mini-Review: 'Long Weekend' (1978)

Australian exploitation cinema, or Ozploitation, is notorious for its verité style and low-budget brutality. Colin Eggleston's Long Weekend is one of the most famous examples of Ozploitation, and it also happens to be an exceptional piece of natural revenge cinema!

Friday, January 27, 2017

A DOTA Mini-Review: 'The Uncanny' (1977)

"There are millions of them. Everywhere. Spying on us. Watching. Waiting. When... WILL THEY POUNCE?"

While British horror anthologies were all the rage in the 70s, believe it or not, an X-rated anthology about murderous house cats turned out to be kind of a hard sell in 1977. That is why there is a good chance you've never heard of Claude Héroux's The Uncanny. But that's a shame, because if you've ever been convinced your cat has a little bit of the devil in it (but loved it anyway), you're going to adore this movie.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What IS Day of the Animals?

Are you the kind of person who would rather watch 10,000 people die in a horror film than one sweet, fluffy animal? Did you root for the shark in Jaws, the dog in Cujo, and the grizzly in... Grizzly? Do you wish SOMEONE would warn you when a four-legged floof is about to die in a horror film? Then Day of the Animals is here for you.

Starting in 2017, the ladies of the Horror Honeys will begin creating a database of all the horror, sci-fi, and thriller films in which an animal of any kind dies (excluding birds, or we'd never get anything else done). We will give you the film, the time stamp, the scene proceeding the death, the animal that dies, and a rating on how tolerable it is, all with the intent of helping other animal-sensitive horror fans navigate the sometimes treacherous world of our favorite genre.

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive list available on the Internet, so if you have a film you'd like added, please let us know on Twitter!

To be continued in 2017...