Thursday, December 8, 2016

What IS Day of the Animals?

Are you the kind of person who would rather watch 10,000 people die in a horror film than one sweet, fluffy animal? Did you root for the shark in Jaws, the dog in Cujo, and the grizzly in... Grizzly? Do you wish SOMEONE would warn you when a four-legged floof is about to die in a horror film? Then Day of the Animals is here for you.

Starting in 2017, the ladies of the Horror Honeys will begin creating a database of all the horror, sci-fi, and thriller films in which an animal of any kind dies (excluding birds, or we'd never get anything else done). We will give you the film, the time stamp, the scene proceeding the death, the animal that dies, and a rating on how tolerable it is, all with the intent of helping other animal-sensitive horror fans navigate the sometimes treacherous world of our favorite genre.

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive list available on the Internet, so if you have a film you'd like added, please let us know on Twitter!

To be continued in 2017...