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Click on the film's title to be taken to a list of any moments of animal violence included within it. This list is by no means comprehensive (yet), and will be updated constantly! If you have a film you'd specifically like to see added, let us know by tweeting @dayoftheanimals, and we will add it to the queue.

NOTE: The price you pay for the forthcoming warnings is the potential for spoilers. We try to avoid them when we can, but it's not always possible. So proceed with caution!

The Beguiled (2017)
I, Tonya (2017)
In the Heart of the Sea (2015)
Jungle (2017)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)
Lady Macbeth (2017)
Lawless (2012)
The Lost City of Z (2017)
Mudbound (2017)
Poison Ivy (1992)
The Revenant (2015)
The Snowman (2017)
In a Valley of Violence (2016)
Wind River (2017)

The Beguiled (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:41:17
     A) Scene Proceeding: McBurney (Colin Farrell) has just come crashing down the stairs and is screaming at everyone.
     B) Animal Hurt: Turtle
     C) Brutality Rating: 1 - McBurney charges on Amy (Oona Laurence), snatches her turtle from her hands, and throws it across the kitchen. It's a half-assed throw though and he seems to be fine. Unlike the original, McBurney doesn't have the decency to feel bad about it.

I, Tonya (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:09:02
     A) Scene Proceeding: Little Tonya (Mckenna Grace) is walking through the woods with her dad
     B) Animal Killed: Rabbit
     C) Brutality Rating: 4 - Tonya shoots a rabbit and it explodes.
  2) Time Stamp: 0:10:00
     A) Scene Proceeding: LaVona (Allison Janey) is talking to Diane (Julianne Nicholson) at the skating rink
     B) Animal Killed: Rabbits
     C) Brutality Rating: 3 - The father is skinning rabbits and turns them into a fur coat for Tonya

In the Heart of the Sea (2015)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:38:24
     A) Scene Proceeding: The crew of the Essex has just spotted a family of whales and takes to their smaller ships. Chase (Chris Hemsworth) raises the harpoon.
     B) Animal Killed: Whale
     C) Brutality Rating: 4 - The whale is hit, and begins pulling the boat. He spends an extended scene bleeding and trying to escape, before he floats back up. Then there is stabbing. You're watching a movie about whalers; you know what signed on for.
  2) Time Stamp: 0:42:42
     A) Scene Proceeding: The whale has just died; Chase and Nickerson (Tom Holland) look upset.
     B) Animal Killed: Whale
     C) Brutality Rating: 4 - Back on the ship, they're rendering the whale. It's gross.
  3) Time Stamp: 0:54:33
     A) Scene Proceeding: Chase has just taken his boat back the Essex
     B) Animal Injured: Whale
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - Another whale is harpooned, the first to actually be hit in this scene so far
  4) Time Stamp: 0:55:04
     A) Scene Proceeding: The third boat is now being surrounded by the pod
     B) Animal Injured: Whale
     C) Brutality Rating: 3 - Another whale is harpooned, this time more graphically, and it has a calf by its side
  5) Time Stamp: 0:57:55
     A) Scene Proceeding: Chase thinks he's going to kill the whale that inspired Moby Dick with a little baby harpoon
     B) Animal Injured: Whale
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - Not Moby Dick gets hit what the harpoon, but it's like a toothpick in the eye compared to his size
  6) Time Stamp: 1:17:26
     A) Scene Proceeding: Not Moby Dick has just taken out the other two boats
     B) Animal Injured: Whale
     C) Brutality Rating: 1 - Chase nails NMD with an axe... it doesn't slow him down

Jungle (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:25:15
     A) Scene Proceeding: Karl (Thomas Kretschmann) takes aim at what looks like a gibbon in a tree and fires.
     B) Animal Killed: Monkey
     C) Brutality Rating: 5 - He shoots it, then beats it to death with his gun, then cooks it. We proceed to watch the group eat it, including ripping off its face. Hated this movie 20 minutes in.
  2) Time Stamp: 1:03:15
     A) Scene Proceeding: Yossi (Daniel Radcliffe) is climbing a tree to try and get some fruit or something and sees a snake.
     B) Animal Killed: Snake
     C) Brutality Rating: 4 - We don't usually log snakes, but this is bad. He beats it to death with a rock, and it's bloody and horrible.
  3) Time Stamp: 1:11:00
     A) Scene Proceeding: Yossi walks up to a bird's nest and takes one of the eggs.
     B) Animal Injured: A bird... to be
     C) Brutality Rating: 5 - There is a straight-up bird fetus in the egg when he cracks it open. He apologizes, and eats it. With crunching. And goo dripping down his face. It is implied he eats both.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)
  1) Time Stamp: 1:20:11
     A) Scene Proceeding: Eva (Tilda Swinton) is explaining to Celia (Ashley Gerasimovich) where Mr. Snuffles has gone
     B) Animal Killed: Guinea Pig
     C) Brutality Rating: 1 - This is a scene that is entirely implied, because we never see anything. But it's definitely implied that Kevin (Ezra Miller) put Mr. Snuffles down the garbage disposal

Lady Macbeth (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:54:33
     A) Scene Proceeding: Sebastian (Cosmo Jarvis) has just buried the husband
     B) Animal Killed: Horse
     C) Brutality Rating: 5 - Katherine (Florence Pugh) takes the husbands horse into the woods and shoots it. It doesn't go down the first time and she has to shoot it again. Then she tries to bury it. The scene is long and unpleasant.
  2) Time Stamp: 0:58:37
     A) Scene Proceeding: Katherine and Sebastian were just all naked and entangled in bed
     B) Animal Killed: Horse
     C) Brutality Rating: 3 - There is a lingering shot on the horse rotting in the woods

Lawless (2012)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:01:39
     A) Scene Proceeding: It's the very opening of the film
     B) Animal Killed: Pig
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - A boy shoots a pig. It happens off screen, but the build-up is worse

The Lost City of Z (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:03:41
     A) Scene Proceeding: A group of men, including Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunam) are riding horses and Percy separates from the group to pursue a deer
     B) Animal Killed: Deer
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - The deer is shot, but we don't see contact, just the dead deer
  2) Time Stamp: 0:41:58
     A) Scene Proceeding: Percy and his group of explorers are walking through the jungle when they spot a boar
     B) Animal Killed: Boar
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - Similar to the deer in the opening; the animal is shot, but it is off screen, and we only see the aftermath
  3) Time Stamp: 1:44:45
     A) Scene Proceeding: Jack (Tom Holland) raises his gun and takes aim at a rabbit
     B) Animal Killed: Rabbit
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - Once again, we never see the rabbit get shot, only the result. The next shot is of the rabbit hanging from a tree

Mudbound (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:34:21
     A) Scene Proceeding: Henry (Jason Clarke) is firing a guy who works on the farm
     B) Animal Killed: Horse
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - A horse is laying on the ground, breathing heavily, and Hap (Rob Morgan) shoots it. It is off camera. The scene is followed by Laura (Carey Mulligan) talking about dead things, and we see a dead possom (1) and a chicken's neck get broken (4).

Poison Ivy (1992)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:03:48
     A) Scene Proceeding: A little boy yells, "A dog got hit! Come on!"
     B) Animal Killed: Dog
     C) Brutality Rating: 5 - The dog is in the road, bleeding, with its insides all over the pavement. Ivy bashes its head with an iron pole to put it out of its misery.

The Revenant (2015)
  1) Time Stamp: Opening Scenes
     A) Scene Proceeding: It's the entire opening of the movie
     B) Animal Killed: Beavers
     C) Brutality Rating: 3 - If you're in any way sensitive to the fur trade and how it decimated the populations of beaver in Eastern Canada and US, the opening set dec is pretty hard to watch.
  2) Time Stamp: 0:24:20 - 0:28:55
     A) Scene Proceeding: Hugh Glass (Leonardo diCaprio) comes between a mother bear and her cubs
     B) Animal Killed: Bear
     C) Brutality Rating: 5 - The whole bear attack is horrifying, but the bear death is also super traumatizing and the cubs are left to die or be killed by the other assholes.
  3) Time Stamp: 1:59:00
     A) Scene Proceeding: Hugh is riding through the snowy forest, and the horse falls over a hidden cliff.
     B) Animal Killed: Horse
     C) Brutality Rating: 3 - The initial fall is pretty horrible, but thankfully, the shot of Leo digging into the horse for warmth like it's a TaunTaun is really fake looking.

The Snowman (2017)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:43:31
     A) Scene Proceeding: Katrine (Rebecca Ferguson) walks into a shack and the room is full of chickens
     B) Animal Killed: Chicken
     C) Brutality Rating: 3 - Chloe Sevigny is beheading a chicken, for some reason. It looks reasonably real, but in this movie, who the hell knows.

In a Valley of Violence (2016)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:42:30
     A) Scene Proceeding: After an altercation with Gilly (James Ransone), Paul (Ethan Hawke) is seen by a campfire at night
     B) Animal Killed: Guinea Dog
     C) Brutality Rating: 4 - We don't see much gore, but while the dog is already dying, Gilly actively hurts the dog again, and it yelps. The scene is followed by the dog's body being eaten by vultures the next morning. Skip to 52:37 to avoid the whole scene.

In a Valley of Violence (2016)
  1) Time Stamp: 0:01:42
     A) Scene Proceeding: Coyotes are circling around a pen of sheep
     B) Animal Killed: Coyote
     C) Brutality Rating: 4 - A sharpshooter shoots one of the coyotes; it looks distressingly real
  2) Time Stamp: 0:09:44
     A) Scene Proceeding: Cory (Jeremy Renner) and Dan (Apesanahkwat) are talking while following a track
     B) Animal Killed: Steer
     C) Brutality Rating: 2 - They walk up on a frozen, dead steer that has been killed by wolves